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Dr Voudouris graduated from the Medical School of the University of Bologna (Scuola di Medicina e Chirurgia – Universita di Bologna) in Italy.

After graduating he sought an internship at the Bologna University hospital of “Sant’ Orsola“, at the Department of Dermatology where, following extensive research, he acquired experience in the whole spectrum of dermatology and specialized on diseases of the hair and nails and Dermatologic Surgery.

Upon his return to Greece he served his military service as a military doctor in the Hellenic Army. Subsequently he served as a rural General Practitioner at Keramidi, Pelion.

He then did his Internal Medicine residency at the Hospital of Livadia. Upon the completion of the said residency, he attended the skin histopathology laboratory, Medical School, University of Athens. It is there that he started writing his doctoral thesis on vitiligo.

Lastly, he completed his specialization as a dermatologist at the “Andreas Syggros” Hospital of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases of Athens from where he received his specialist title. He then concluded his PhD by presenting his said post doctoral thesis concerning vitiligo. During his residency, he received a scholarship and attended a training program at the University of Colorado, namely the Dermatology Clinic of Denver, Anschutz USA.

He has to his credit numerous publications, mainly in foreign scientific journals, and he has participated in scientific protocols in Dermatology, concerning skin diseases such as alopecia, nail diseases and psoriasis.

He has also translated numerous scientific articles from English and Italian to Greek and vice versa.

He is a collaborator at the “Andreas Syngros” Hospital, namely in the oral diseases department. He stays continuously up to date and well trained in the field of clinical dermatology and in aesthetic and surgical dermatology.